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Tips for renting a car in Cebu, Mandaue and Mactan


Looking for a reliable Rent-A-Car company in Cebu?


Here are some tips that can help you in renting a car in Cebu, Mandaue and Mactan.


With a booming economy of Cebu, establishments and infrastructures are on the rise. These includes condominiums, recreation centers as well as new businesses.

While still building these infrastructures, the need to travel for most businessmen to Cebu, whether looking for business opportunities or for their regular meetings with clients rises.

The need for transporting businessmen from their hotel to their office rises as well. And the better and efficient way of solving this need is to rent a car while in Cebu, Mandaue or in Mactan.

If you will have a business trip in Cebu and looking to rent a car, here are some money-saving tips and for you to avoid issues when renting a car.


Car Rental Options

  • Renting a Car with Driver
    Renting a car with a Driver can be your best choice if you are looking for efficiency and comfort. Your car will be waiting on your hotel door and brings you to you meeting place in no time. This is perfect especially if you are not yet familiar with the places and roads in Cebu City. And you do not need to worry about looking for a parking space.
  • Self-Drive Car Rental
    Renting a Car on a Self-Drive term is cost-efficient. You’ll have the car with you for the length of you rent. You can go wherever you want to go which is perfect for adventurous individuals. To maximize your rent, schedule your rent when you are done with your meetings so you are not time-constraint and there’s no need for you to hurry. Consider your preference regarding the transmission of the car. Are you comfortable with Manual Transmission or with Automatic Transmission? Most Car Rental companies have Automatic Transmission cars available for you to rent.


Length of Rent

Most Car Rental companies in Cebu offer multiple options when renting a car. You can rent a car on a Daily basis, Weekly and even Monthly. The longer you rent, the more savings you get compared to renting on a Daily basis. Plan your trip ahead, have an itinerary and decide if you need a car for a single day only or for multiple days.


Choosing a Car to Rent

Will you be travelling alone? With a colleague? Or in large group or team? Or do you have bulk loads that you need to transport? Plan ahead and select a car that fits your need.

  • Renting a Car
    This can accommodate up to 5 persons. Much suited for travelers who are in small group or if you are alone travelling.
  • Renting a Van or Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)
    This can accommodate 12 to 15 persons. Perfect for a team or big group. This is also suited if you need to transport bulk loads or equipments.

    Van comes in different sizes and capacity. It is recommended that you tell your Car Rental company about your need including the number of persons that will ride and if you have large and heavy things that needs to be transported. This way, the Car Rental company can suggest a Van that is right for you.


JMT Car Rental Services is a reliable car rental service that offers Travelers to Cebu, Mandaue and Mactan cars and vans that they can rent. With affordable Car and Van rental rates and easy means of booking, you surely have an efficient experience with them.

JMT Car Rental Services rates already includes the Driver fee and Gas. They offer Daily, Weekly and Monthly Car Rental rates.


Check below their available car or van that you can choose to rent:


If you need a Car or Van in your travel to Cebu, call JMT Car Rental Services now at (032) 517-6932. They are open 24/7. They can pick you up at the airport or pier no matter what time of the day you will arrive.

Enjoy your trip to Cebu.


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